Avri Lisszauer

Lisauer Avri

Liszauer Zoltán (Zoli)

Born in Budapest in 1923

Died on 18.11.2013

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Avri was a member of the movement’s leadership from 1943. After the Germans invaded Hungary on 19.3.1944, he engaged in obtaining Aryan documents in the offices of the Hungarian  Population Registry. Avri made an attempt to move to Yugoslavia to join the partisans but in a meeting in Budapest to prepare for the escape, he was caught, imprisoned, interrogated, tortured and taken to the Mauthausen concentration camp from which he was later liberated. In Budapest Avri edited “Hadereh”, the “Borohov Circle” paper. He did literary-scientific work. Avri resided in Budapest.