Rescue operations

The underground Zionist Youth Resistance Movement (ZYRM) members worked day and night to save as many Jews as possible, in various ways. When accompanying supply trucks of food to the ghetto and to the children’s houses, the operatives sometimes wore Arrow Cross uniforms. These uniforms also helped the operatives to assist Jews in reaching protected houses and the Glass House. One particularly glorious and daring chapter in the ZYRM’s activities was the liberation of their comrades who had been arrested and incarcerated in the prisons and the Gestapo headquarters. The ZYRM rescued a few of their operatives from the torture chambers, saved comrades who were being beaten by hooligans in the street, and in an operation unparalleled anywhere throughout World War II, liberated 120 of their comrades who were being held in the central military prison on Margit Boulevard, and who had been sentenced to death.