Layla Goldschmied

גולדשמיט אגנש

Gábor Ágnes

Born on 7.04.1926 in Budapest

Died in November 1980 in Israel

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”

Ágnes joined “Hanoar Hatzioni” in 1943. After the Germans invaded Hungary (19.3.1944) she managed to obtain original birth certificates from the population register, to be handed out to fellow Jews. At the same time, she maintained personal contacts, as well as extensive correspondence with comrades who were drafted into forced labor units. As of October 1944, Ágnes continued her work from the “Glass House”. After liberation (18.1.1945) she became a youth counselor and educator. She made aliya in 1946.Ágnes died in Israel of a malignant disease.