Shalom Offenbach

Ofenbach Shalom

Shalom Offenbach
Offenbach Sándor
Born in Lodz, in 1899
Died in 1958
Member of “Ihud Mapai”‎


Shalom arrived in Budapest in the 1920’s and worked in the textile business. Being an active Zionist, he was elected as the treasurer of the Relief and Rescue Committee, following Shmuel Springman’s aliya on 18.1.1944.
On 27.5.1944 he was captured by the Hungarian counter-espionage, together with Hansi Brand and Israel Kastner but they were all released a short while thereafter.
Together with others, Shalom compiled the list of Jews who were to board a train from Hungary to Switzerland organized by the Relief and Rescue Committee. When “Department A”, headed by Ottó Komoly, was established in the offices of the International Red Cross on 4, Mérleg Street, Shalom was in charge, among others, of obtaining funds for setting up and equipping children’s homes. As the recipient of funds transferred from Istanbul and Switzerland, he allocated them to the Zionist youth movements for their rescue operations.
After the liberation Shalom continued his work in the textile business, until its nationalization by the communist government in Hungary. He moved to Vienna in 1950 and to Germany in 1957.