György Orosz

Orosz György

Orosz György
Born in Budapest in 1920
Died on 14.12.1978 in Israel
Member of “Hanoar atzioni”‎

György was a member of “Hanoar Hatzioni” from 1938. In 1942 he was called up to a forced labor unit, released in 1943 but recalled. In 1944, in behalf of “Omzsa”, he was in charge of the supply of clothing to the Jews enlisted in the forced labor units. He also dealt with the supply of clothing to the refugees from Slovakia and Poland. He contacted officers of the Hungarian army serving in the Buda fortress, who dealt with the organization of the resistance movements, and, thanks to these connections, he obtained Christian identity cards which he gave to Slovak refugees. He, personally, also used such a document. From the Hungarian officers he obtained various weapons which he then passed on to his comrades in the underground.

György settled in the “Omzsa” offices in Bethlen Square. Together with his friends, he turned the synagogue in the square into a hospital and established a central kitchen that provided food for the Jews in the ghetto. He succeeded in rescuing his mother and his younger brother, Peter, by transferring them to “Omzsa” dwellings.

He took part in patrols in the streets of Budapest while armed and wearing an Arrow Cross uniform and in this way he managed to rescue many Jews. In December 1944 he saved the life of a young Jewish man who was shot, wounded and thrown into the waters of the Danube River but succeeded to reach the bank.

Orosz had connections with Joel Brand, Otto Komoly and Raoul Wallenberg.

He made aliya and died in Israel.