Ze’ev Eisikovics

Izikowitch Zeev

Ze’ev Eisikovics
Eisikovics Wilhelm ‘Vili’‎
Born in Nagybocskó (Velikij Bicskiv) in 1924
Died on 30.10.2008 in Vienna
Member of “Dror Habonim”‎


Ze’ev was the eldest of three brothers. His father, who was active in the communist party, was arrested in 1942 by the Hungarian counter- espionage, tortured and killed.

In 1941 Ze’ev moved to Budapest and studied electronics. At the beginning of 1944 he joined the “Habonim” movement. In May 1944 he was enlisted in a forced labor unit to build a railroad. He escaped and joined the underground. Ze’ev learned the trade of seal forging, produced and distributed forged documents. He took part in preparing bunkers and weapons training. On 7.12.1944 Ze’ev was caught together with Neshka and Tsvi Goldfarb and imprisoned in the military jail on Margit Boulevard. After a week of interrogations and torture he was moved to the town of Sopron. Interrogators that followed him to Sopron told him that within eight days he would be hanged. However, in the end, together with his two friends, he was returned to Budapest to the Margit Boulevard jail. On 25.12.1944 Ze’ev and other detainees were released thanks to the daring rescue operation of underground activists. After the liberation he continued to be active in his movement with legal and illegal aliya.

In August 1946, in Italy, Ze’ev boarded a ship bound for Eretz Israel (Palestine). However, the ship was intercepted by the British and its passengers were taken to Cyprus. In 1947 he arrived in Eretz Israel

(Palestine) and joined the hahshara in Kibbutz Daphna and Ein Harod. Ze’ev volunteered to the IDF and served in the 13th battalion of the Golani Brigade. He took an officer’s training course. After being demobilized Ze’ev joined Kibbutz Gardosh, called Parod nowadays, and became the first regional commander. He left the kibbutz together with his wife Yaffa and settled in Vienna where he set up a noble metals export company. He is retired and resides in Vienna.

His biography has written by Irene Hanappai :

Biographie edited by Irene Hanappai, Wien 2006 ( German ) Published at the time of Ze’ev E. death by the family. 177 pages