Baruh Eisinger

Eizinger Baruch

Baruh Eisinger
Eisinger Ferenc ‘Feri’‎
Born in Kárpáthalas (Vištuk), on 20.6.1927
Member of “Maccabi Hatzair”‎

In 1940 following the coming to power of the fascists in Slovakia, Baruh was expelled from school. In 1941 and 1942 he worked on a farm. In 1942, with his three sisters, Baruh crossed the border into Hungary but they were caught and returned to Slovakia. On their second attempt, though, they succeeded in reaching the capital. In Budapest, under a fictional name and with forged documents, he worked in an oil factory until 1944. He served as the liaison officer of the forged documents laboratory located on Rózsa Street and later on Baross Street. In December Baruh was caught because the man he ordered forged seals from informed on him. He was arrested and tortured but did not break down and did not give away any information. Baruh was transferred to different prisons but managed to escape. He reached one of the Protected Houses under the auspices of the Swiss legation and met other members of his movement.

Baruh was liberated on 18.1.1945. He now resides in the USA.