Irén Joszipovics

Yosepoiwitz Irene

Piri Rosenberg Irén

Born in Nagyszőllős (Vinohragyiv) in 1918

Died in 1969 in USA

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”


Irén’s parents, Rudolf and Rosalie Rosenberg, had fifteen children. Her father was a cantor and a slaughterer. In 1939 she lived for a year in Prague, where she met Moshe Elefánt (Pil-Alpan).
In 1944, after the German occupation of Hungary, prior to the concentration of Jews in the Nagyszølløs ghetto, Irén escaped to Budapest, renewed contact with Moshe Alpan and started to work for “Hashomer Hatzair”. She mainly dealt with the transfer of forged documents to the young Jews in forced labor units. After the liberation Irén returned to her hometown and married Shmuel Joszipovics. Later, she emigrated to France and from there she moved to the USA. She settled down in Los Angeles.