Dr. Alice Tova Balázs

Balazs Edinger Alice

Edinger Alice
Born on 28.8.1928 in Budapest

Died on 20.3.1999 in Budapest

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”

In 1944 Tova moved from the Yellow Star House where she lived in Budapest to the “Glass House’ on Vadász Street. She adopted the identity of a refugee, Erzsébet Csovsky, who arrived from Transylvania, joined the underground operations and distributed forged documents.Later Tova moved to a girls’ boarding school under the auspices of the Calvinist Church. She worked in children’s houses, took part in the smuggling of Jews out of the ghetto and distributed forged documents as well as medicines to those who needed them.
Tova lived in Hungary and was a university lecturer.