Eliezer Weisz

וייס אליעזר

Weiss László

Born in Miskolc on 16.11.1923

Died on 2.02.2008 in Israel

Member of “Bnei Akiva”


In April 1944 Eliezer was enlisted in a forced labor unit, escaped and joined the “Bnei Akiva” movement. He operated with false documents under the name of Vitéz József, ran errands and took part in the preparation of the bunkers. After the Arrow Cross rose to power on 15.10.1944, Eliezer distributed Protection Documents to the members of a battalion of forced labor units on its way to Germany. Together with two of his comrades wearing the Arrow Cross uniform, he saved a group of 140 Jews, who were headed for the banks of the Danube River where the fascists were going to shoot them, and took them to the ghetto. Eliezer saved the lives of Jewish patients in an Aryan hospital on Wesselényi Street and took them too to the ghetto. After the liberation he gathered Jewish orphans and took them to children’s houses. In August 1946 he made aliya.
Eliezer worked in citrus plantations, construction, a textile factory in Petah-Tikva and later in the “Ata” factory as the manager of dye-works for 30 years. Then he retired. Eliezer was married, had one son and three grandchildren. He resided in Kiriyat Bialik.