Elisheva Elizabeth Eppler, Dr.‎

אפלר ארז'י

Eppler Erzsébet Erzsi
Born in Budapest in 1921
Died in Israel on 4.2.1999
Member of the “Gordon Circle” – “Borohov Circle”

Elisheva studied at the Sorbonne in Paris where she got a doctorate. She was an expert in French culture. From 1942 she worked at the National Library in Budapest. On 20.3.1944 Elisheva was invited by Samu Stern, who was the leader of the Jewish community in Budapest, to join his staff. She worked as the liaison officer between the leaders of the various communities and the Zionist youth movements working in the

underground. Elisheva worked in the “Glass House” on Vadász Street and with the Swiss legation on Szabadság Square. After the liberation she resumed her work at the National Library in Budapest. In 1947 she did research at the British Museum in London. From 1954 Elisheva worked in the archives of the World Jewish Congress. She published a great number of books and articles in the fields of literature, culture and Judaism. She made aliya and died in Israel.