Alexander Barzel, Prof.


Vas Alexander ‘Alex’

Born in Budapest in 1921

Died on 29.6.2005 in Kfar Hahoresh

Member of “Maccabi Hatzair”



Alexander was a member of the movement from 1939. He assisted his comrades, who arrived in Budapest as refugees from Slovakia, to adjust to their new life. In October 1942 he was enlisted in a forced labor camp. In June 1944 Alexander deserted and joined the underground activities of his movement. Among other things he produced and distributed forged documents and made contact with his comrades in the underground. At the end of June he left Hungary on the train of the Relief and Rescue Committee. In 1944 Alexander married Shoshana Steiner.
Alex made aliya in September 1945. He was a member of ‘Kfar Hahoresh’ and held various positions on the kibbutz. From 1952 to 1954 he served as the general secretary of “Hanoar Ha’oved” (Working and Studying Youth Union, the Histadrut youth organization). In 1971 he got his PhD in Philosophy and worked as a professor at the Technion. Alexander Barzel is the editor of the collection: Halomot Uma’avakim, Toldot Tnuat Gordonia Maccabi Hatzair Behungaria 1938 – 1950 (Dreams and Struggles, the History of Gordonia-Maccabi Hatzair in Hungary 1938-1950) Maarechet Kibbutz Dalia. Israel. 2000. (Hebrew)