Anna Klein

Klein Anna

Csech Anna

Born in Budapest on 28.7.1926

Died in 2014

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”


At the age of fifteen Anna joined the movement where she met her future husband, Uri Herman, whom she married in April 1944 in a small, intimate, family wedding. She obtained authentic documents from the Population Registry in Budapest, distributed them and took part in other underground activities. On 28.5.1944 Anna, her husband and other comrades were arrested and taken to the Gestapo headquarters on Schwabs Hill (Svábhegy). Anna was interrogated and tortured but did not reveal any information. After about three weeks she was transferred to other detention places and eventually taken to the Sárvár ghetto. From there she was deported to Auschwitz. Anna saw her husband for the last time on the ramp at Auschwitz. Anna was liberated by the Americans and returned to Budapest. She integrated the movement’s activities and mainly took care of teenagers, orphaned children and families in need of help. In 1946, within the framework of Aliya Bet, she got on her way to Eretz Israel (Palestine) but the ship “Knesset Israel”, that had 4,000 immigrants on board, was intercepted by the British and all the passengers were deported to Cyprus. They arrived in Eretz Israel (Palestine) only a year later.
In Eretz Israel Anna married her second husband, Dov and lived on Kibbutz Ga’aton for about six years. Anna is a social worker, the mother of two and has two grandchildren. She resides in Kfar Saba.