Prof. Arie Levi

Lőwy László Lévi Árje Prof

Lövi Laszló ‏

Born in Mád on 13.8.1923

Died in 12.2.2006 in Israel

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”


Arie studied in a Yeshiva and a rabbinical seminary in Budapest. At the time of the Holocaust he was active in his movement’s underground activities. He helped get forged papers for servicemen in the forced labor units and for Jews who refused to enter the ghetto. Arie supplied food to elderly Jews who resided in Yellow Star houses, and patrolled the streets of Budapest, dressed up as a priest.
He made aliya in 1949. Arie Levi was a Professor in education and recipient of the Israel Prize for his work in the field of educational research.