David Gur

גור דוד

 David Gur – Grósz Endre

Born in Okány in 1926

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”


David was a member of “Hashomer Hatzair” from 1943. With the German invasion on 19.3.1944, he went underground and joined the team that prepared forged documents for the members of all the Zionist youth groups. Over time he was in charge of all forgery activities of documents and seals. The forgery workshop of the Zionist underground supplied forged documents to non-Jewish resistance as well. This operation was the largest in terms of size and variety in occupied Europe. In December 1944 David was caught in the forgery workshop with the whole staff and all the equipment. He was taken to the district headquarters of Arrow Cross and brutally interrogated. One member of the staff, Miki Langer, was murdered on the very first night of the interrogation. Gur was transferred to the central military prison on Margit Boulevard and interrogated by members of the political department of the gendarmerie. He was released at the end of December together with a group of his comrades in a daring operation of the Zionist youth movements underground. Owing to his release, over a hundred other prisoners from the same prison were freed. A total of 117 detainees were liberated. This was an extraordinary achievement.

After the war, from 1945 to 1949, David held central positions in the movement and in the Haganah headquarters. He was the commander of the last B’riha from Hungary. David made aliya in 1949 and joined Kibbutz Ga’aton. He learned civil engineering at the Technion. He owns

an office for the management of engineering projects.

David now resides in Ramat-Gan. He is married, has three daughters and ten grandchildren.

David is one of the initiators and founders of “The Society for Research of the History of the Zionist Youth Movements in Hungary”. Since 1984 the Society has been active in commemorating the underground operations of the Zionist youth movements in 1944 and in disseminating information in Israel and in the world about their activities.

David Gur is the author of the anthology: Ahim Lehitnagdut Ulehatzalah ( Brothers for Resistance and Rescue ) published by ‘The Society for the Research of the History of the Zionist Youth Move -ment in Hungary’. 2004 Israel (Hebrew)

The enlarged English edition of the anthology – David Gur: Brothers for Resistance and Rescue, published by ‘The Society for theResearch of the History of the Zionist Youth Movement in Hungary’ – in Israel in 2007. (Translated from Hebrew) 270 pages.