Eliyahu Galor, Dr.

Eliyahu Gallor

Dr. Gellért Endre (Bandi)

Born in Budapest on 1.4.1917

Died on 20.4.1997 in Israel

Member of “Hatzionim Haclali’im” and “Maccabea”

Eliyahu studied at the Jewish high school and in the department of humanities at university. He received his teaching diploma in 1939 in Budapest. As early as 1934 he joined the “Maccabea” movement and was an active member. Before the German occupation on 19.3.1944, Eliyahu helped refugees from Poland and Slovakia find refuge. After the German invasion, he worked from the “Glass House”. He engaged in preparing lists of Jews and Protection Documents and taking them to their destination, mainly to the Yellow Star houses. In addition, Eliyahu supplied food to the Jews in the ghetto and often visited them endangering his own life. He took people out of the ghetto while posing as a representative of the Swiss Embassy. After the liberation Eliyahu was the manager of the Education Department of the Jewish Community in Budapest and made sure that a Zionist spirit and the Hebrew language were taught in the Jewish institutions.
Between 1950 and 1955 he was an official in the Israeli legation in Budapest.
Eliyahu made aliya in 1955, was a teacher, a publicist and did public work.