Alexander Grossman

גרוסמן אלכסנדר

 Alexander Grossman

Sándor ‘Sanyi’

Born in Mezőnagymihály on 3.3.1909

Died on 24.10.2003 in Switzerland

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”


Alexander’s family moved to Miskolc. Alexander joined the “Kadima” movement and in 1925, with some friends, he founded the “Blau-Weiss” movement that in 1927 merged with “Hashomer Hatzair”. He was among the first members of the movement in Hungary.

Alexander founded a family and had a child. In 1944, with the establishment of the ghetto in Miskolc, he moved to Budapest with the help of a friend who was a police officer. Alexander was sent on a tiyul, caught and incarcerated in various prisons. At the end of September of the same year he was released and arrived at the “Glass House” on Vadász Street and later at a branch of the Swiss consulate on Wekerle Sándor Boulevard.

Sándor was one of the main activists in the underground. His organizing and working skills were extraordinary. In fact he was the manager of the “Glass House” and the representative of the youth movements in the management. When the argument arose about whether to absorb more Jews into the “Glass House” as they might endanger the lives of those already living there, he said: “For the sake of one hundred thousand Jews it is worth to endanger our own lives”.

Sándor’s wife, child and other relatives were deported to Auschwitz where they perished.


After the liberation, in January 1945, Sándor was the secretary of the Joint in Budapest, a member of the board of the Hungarian Zionist Association and of the “Eretz-Israel” office.

In 1949 he made aliya and was a member of Kibbutz Ma’abarot until 1951.

He worked in journalism and in the publication of books. He died in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alexander Grossman has written the book : Nur das Gewissen (Conscience above all ) Verlag in Waldgut, Schweitz 1986 (German ) The Hungarian translation of the book -Alexander Grossmann: Első a lelkismeret (Conscience above all) published by C.E.T Belvárosi Könyvkiadó Budapest 2003 (Translated from German)