Dov Broshi

ברושי דב

Borsodi Tibor

Born in Budapest in 1923

Died in 2003 in Israel

Member of “Hanoar Hatzi’oni”


In December 1943, in the “Hanoar Hatzi’oni”camp in Balatonboglár, Dov organized underground operations together with other members of the movement, who had arrived from Poland as refugees. He took part in the organization of the bunker of the movement in Szepløcsepkøbarlang in Buda. In March 1944 Dov traveled to country towns to warn his comrades there of the imminent danger for Jews.
Dov crossed the border into Romania and arrived in Eretz Israel (Palestine). Dov was an economist and worked for Bank Leumi. He was appointed to the Committee for the Inspection of Atomic Energy in Vienna and was a department manager. Thereafter, he retired.