David Lung

לונג דוד

Lung Dezső

Born in Miskolc on 21.9.1921

Killed in battle in 1944

Member of “Beitar”

David was active in his movement in Miskolc from an early age. He had many talents and was a central figure in his ken of the movement. In 1942 David was enlisted in a forced labor unit. In October 1944 he deserted and joined the military unit Kiska under the name of Lukács Dezsø. Wearing a fascist Arrow Cross armband, he engaged with his friends in resistance and rescue operations such as attacks on Arrow Cross patrols and giving assistance to Jews staying in Protected Houses. He succeeded in liberating his father from a forced labor unit and taking him to Budapest. When he felt that his Jewish identity was about to be discovered, together with his comrades, he left Kiska and joined a bunker in the Zugló area. Prior to that, his brother, Mordehai, met him in the “Glass House”. That was the last time they met. Another brother, Yitzhak, who was also staying at the “Glass House”, was sent on a mission from which he never returned. Rumors spread that David’s bunker had been discovered by the fascists and that about ten comrades, most of whom were members of “Beitar” from the Miskolc area, fought a shooting battle until they died as heroes.