David Asael

עשהאל דוד

David Asael – Auslaender Dezső ‘Kis Oszi’

Born in Ungvár (Uzshorod) on 14.6.1924
Died on 13.2.1983 in Israel

Member of “Bnei Akiva”



David joined the movement at the age of twelve. After graduating from high school, he studied at a yeshiva in Ungvár. He engaged in obtaining Aryan documents for his comrades in the movement who arrived in Budapest. On 30.5.1944 he was caught, together with his friend David Friedman, while in possession of many forged documents, Hungarian money and foreign currency. They were both interrogated by the Hungarian police and the Gestapo. After a three month imprisonment, with the help of comrades, they managed to run away. David at once resumed his underground activities and engaged mainly in the forgery of Protection Documents and their distribution. After the liberation David was a member of the central leadership of the movement and represented it as a delegate at the 22nd Zionist Congress in Basel.


David made aliya in 1946, volunteered for service in the Hagana and was wounded in the Ramla-Lod battles. In 1949 he married Tova Schlesinger. He was a teacher and a headmaster. David was sent on a mission to France by the Jewish Agency. From 1959 to 1962 he was the manager of the Center for Religious Education in Jerusalem. In the last seven years of his life he served as the chairman of the Religious Council in Ramat- Gan.