Dr. Eliyahu Yeshurun

ישורון אליהו

Szabó Ödön

Born in Budapest on 7.10.1914

Died in 2003 in Israel

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”


In 1938 Eliyahu did a doctorate in eastern languages and pre-history and was a certified neologue rabbi. He was active in the Jewish students’ union, chairman of the “Maccabea” and member of the executive committee of the Hungarian Zionist Association. From January to April 1944 Eliyahu served in a forced labor unit. He escaped and joined the underground activities of “Hanoar Hatzioni”. Eliyahu warned Jews of what lay in store for them. He transferred weapons, equipment and food to the bunker on Zöldmáli Street in Buda. After the bunker was discovered, he found refuge in the camp on Aréna Street where the candidates for leaving Hungary on the Relief and Rescue Committee train were concentrated. Eliyahu made aliya. He lived in Natanya.