Herta Goren


Schwartz Herta

Born in Pozsony (Bratislava) in 1931

Member of “Dror Habonim”

In 1942 Herta fled to Budapest with her family as refugees from Slovakia. That same year Herta joined the “Dror” movement whose members equipped her and her family with forged documents and helped them to survive in the Hungarian capital. After the German invasion of Hungary on 19.3.1944, although she was only thirteen, Herta ran various errands for the Zionist youth movements underground. She was sent to meeting places to hand out forged documents and give news. Herta visited bunkers of the movement while carrying a schoolbag. At a later stage she stayed in the bunker on Hungary Boulevard in Budapest. The bunker was discovered and its dwellers fell into the hands of the fascists. Herta was imprisoned and served as a nurse in a military hospital. She was liberated by members of the movement.
Herta lives in Israel.