Vera Weisz

Weisz Lefkowitz Vera

Weisz Lefkovics Vera

Born in Budapest in 1927

Died in 1998 in Israel

Member of “Maccabi Hatzair”


Vera was engaged in the forgery of documents. She operated on Perczel Mór and Mérleg Streets. On Perczel Mór Street Vera was responsible for 130 children and ten mothers who were hiding there. The escapees from detention places also found refuge in those locations.
Vera had contacts with Jews who were hiding on Kolombusz Street, was caught and taken to the Arrow Cross headquarters on 19, Teréz Boulevard. From there, Vera was taken with a group of Jews to the banks of the Danube for execution. Before they could shoot her, she jumped into the freezing waters of the river, managed to remain underwater and to get out near one of the bridges. While swimming in the river she was hurt in her neck by a sharp block of ice and was bleeding heavily. As she was walking to find a refuge, she was caught again by a soldiers’ patrol that took pity on her, hid her and helped her escape to the branch of the Swiss consulate on Perczel Mór Street where she stayed until the liberation.
Vera made aliya. She passed away in 1998.