Zoltán Weiner

Zoltan Weiner

Weiner Zoltán

Born on 6.1.1904 in Győr

Died in 1962 in Hungary

Member of the “Gordon Circle”

In the years 1942 and 1943 Zoltán and his wife assisted refugees, members of “Hashomer Hatzair”, who arrived in Hungary from Slovakia. In 1944 they made contact with underground activists of the movement, Rafi Friedl-Benshalom, Ephra Teichman-Agmon, Moshe Pil-Alpan, Yehuda Weisz and Yitzhak Herbst-Mimish.
Zoltán was active in the branch of the International Red Cross on Mérleg Street in the financial department and the children’s department. He maintained contact with the communist underground, especially with the Demény Group which held meetings in his house.
After the liberation he worked for the Joint. Later he went into the fur business. During the communist regime he was the manager of the National Fur Factory (Pannónia).