Hava Halevi

חוה הלוי

Ritscher Eva    

Born in Kiskunhalas in 1929

Died on 31.08.2013

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”


When the Germans occupied Hungary on 19.3.1944, Hava obtained a forged Christian document. Her family moved to a “Yellow Star House”. Hava distributed Protection Documents to those who needed them. On June 26th, Hava and her sister decided to cross the border into Romania. They were caught and incarcerated in various prisons for over two months and in one of them they met Hanna Szenes. As they were minors, they were released at the beginning of September by the International Red Cross. After her release Hava joined the underground and distributed documents at railway stations where Jewish forced labor workers passed through. She managed to rescue and hide some of them. She gathered Jewish orphans and took them to the children’s houses in the responsibility of the Zionist youth groups. Hava succeeded in getting a job at the post office, received a uniform and carried documents and letters between the “Glass House” and Wekerle Street, the branches of the Swiss consulate and the centers of underground activities. In the same way she helped the residents of the ghetto. Hava managed to give some Protection Documents to the Jews who were on the Death March and save them.
Hava made aliya. She resided in Ashkelon.