Hava Szendrő


Szendrő (Bruck) Ilona Éva  

Born in Budapest in 1925

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Hava hid with another twenty Jews in a stalactite cave in Buda on Szépvölgyi Street in Rózsadomb but they were discovered and she was arrested. At first she was taken to Radeczki Laktanya (military camp) and then to the central military prison on Margit Boulevard. She stayed there at the same time as Hanna Szenes. Hava was liberated by underground activists but caught again by Arrow Cross men and taken to the district headquarters in Városmajor where she was tortured and transferred to the Gestapo. As the Russians approached the capital, she was moved with other prisoners from Buda to Pest. Some of the prisoners were shot on the banks of the Danube but others, among whom Hava and her mother, succeeded in reaching the ghetto where they were liberated by the Red Army.
After the liberation Hava studied at the Business Academy in Budapest and continued with her activities for the movement until she made aliya in 1949. Hava married Dr. Szendrø Károly. In Israel she worked as a nurse in a hospital and did volunteering work. Hava resides in Jerusalem.