Haim Blau

בלאו חיים

Blau Sándor

Born in Vágsellye (Šal’a) in 1924

Killed in 1944

Member of “Maccabi Hatzair”


Haim was Ya’akov Böeri’s brother. He studied in a Yeshiva in Galanta. In April 1944 he was enlisted in a forced labor unit. Haim deserted and joined the Zionist youth movements underground. He served as a liaison officer between the “Glass House” on Vadász Street and the Protected Houses under the auspices of neutral countries. About ten days before the liberation of Budapest by the Red Army he, and his friend Meir Kárpáti, were told to contact and supply food to a group of comrades who had been caught in bunkers but recently freed by the underground from the military prison on Margit Boulevard and were in hiding. Kárpáti and Blau left the “Glass House” with two parcels of food but never delivered the goods and disappeared. One conjecture is that they were arrested by an Arrow Cross patrol and executed on the banks of the Danube River. Another conjecture is that they died in the cellar of the Royal Palace in Buda, which served as the German headquarters.