Haim Wiesel

ויזל חיים

Wiesel Bernát

Born in Salgótarján on 16.12.1924

Died on 21.3.2014

Member of “Bnei Akiva”

Haim studied at yehsivot in Galánta and Újpest and learned the job of grave builder in Györ. He moved to Budapest and in 1942 he joined the movement. On the day the Germans invaded Hungary on 19.3.1944, Haim was staying in a hostel in MIKÉFE – Magyar Izraelita Kézmüves és Földmüvelő Egyesület (Hungarian Jewish Artisan and Agricultural Association). In May 1944 he was enlisted in a forced labor unit. In autumn, equipped with forged Aryan documents, he arrived in Budapest. The movement gave him rescue missions. Haim operated under a fictitious name, Balogh Sándor, worked in an electronics workshop and received a certificate as an indispensable worker for the war effort. Haim travelled to forced labor camps and gave documents to comrades from the movement so they could escape. He also engaged in the transport of food to the children’s houses. In December 1944 Haim arrived at the “Glass House” and moved to the next-door building, which beforehand was used as the Football Association club, and was a member of the armed defense unit. After the liberation he arrived in Temesvár where, with his friends, he set up a hahshara for members of his movement. Six months later he returned to Budapest and continued with his activities, especially taking care of children and their aliya. In June 1948 Haim made aliya and, right off the ship, he was drafted to the Hagana. He did military training and took part in the conquest of Lod and Beer-Sheva. He was a member of Moshav Nir Etzion and later settled down in Petah-Tikva.