Yehuda ‘Pici’ Levi

Levi Yehuda

Löwi Lajos

Born in Kolozsvár (Cluj) on 5.3.1925

Died on 27.9.2000 in Israel

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”


After the Germans invaded Hungary on 19.3.1944, with the help of his movement, Yehuda arrived in Budapest equipped with forged Christian papers. He joined the underground activities and engaged in obtaining and distributing forged documents. From June 1944 Yehuda often escorted Jews on trains to Nagyvárad in the framework of the tiyul. Yehuda himself sometimes crossed the border in order to put the smuggled Jews into safe hands. On one of these occasions, on a street in Nagyvárad, he shot a policeman who was about to arrest Jews but managed to escape.
Yehuda entered the ghettos in order to take out Jews and save them from deportation to Auschwitz. He was caught by the Germans and a swastika cross was burnt into his chest with white-hot iron. In a critical condition Yehuda was saved by the Red Army.
In 1947 he made aliya. He lived on a kibbutz for some years. Yehuda worked as an educational instructor in Alonei Yitzhak and was the manager of a technology school in Sarafend. He was a professional soldier in the IDF and was discharged with the rank of lieutenant colonel.