Judith Hartman

Hartman Yehidith

Scharf Judit

Born in Kisvárda on 15.12.1921

Died on 5.9.2010

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Judith joined the movement at a young age. Her two sisters made aliya already in the mid-1930’s. In 1942 and 1943 she maintained contact with the Garany detention camp inmates and even visited the site. At the beginning of the persecution of Jews, Judith arrived in Budapest and joined a group of young women, members of the movement. After the German occupation of Hungary on 19.3.1944, she went, together with her boyfriend, Arieh Funk, on a tiyul. They were captured on their way to the Romanian border. Arieh was deported to Auschwitz, and Judith was sent to a detention camp in Budapest. All attempts to rescue her failed and she was deported to Auschwitz. Upon her liberation, on 8.5.1945, she returned to Budapest.
In 1947, Judith made aliya, and became a member of Kibbutz Ha’ogen.