Judith Makai

Makai Judit

Ellenbogen Judit

Born in Érsekújvár (Nové Zámky) in 1923

Died on 24.06.2010

Member of “Maccabi Hatzair”


Judith’s family was a Jewish orthodox one. Her father was active in the “Mizrahi” movement. In 1936 Judith joined “Maccabi Hatzair” with her twin sister, Anni. Her father died in 1942 while serving in a forced labor unit. On 19.3.1944, the day the Germans invaded Hungary, Judith arrived in Budapest for a sewing training course. Her comrades from the movement convinced her not to return to her hometown and to stay in the capital. With the help of forged documents she changed her identity to Elmér Julia. Within the framework of the underground Judith distributed forged documents around the city. In order to provide her comrades from the movement with forged papers, she travelled to Gyør, Várpalota and Komárom.
Judith left Hungary within the quota allocated to her movement on the Relief and Rescue Committee train. She made aliya and stayed in Kfar Hamaccabi, Kibbutz Huliot and Kibbutz Metzuba. She was also in Kibbuz Tze’elim and Kfar Hahoresh. Judith resided in Ramat Gan.