Yehoshua Weisz

וייס יהושע

Weisz Hermann

Born in Nagymegyer (Vel’ký Meder) on 3.4.1922

Died in Givatayim on 24.11.2010

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Yehoshua came from an orthodox family. He arrived in Budapest in 1941, and operated within the framework of the underground as a member of the staff at the hostel for adolescents on Zöldmáli Street. From October 1943 to October 1944 he was enlisted in a forced labor unit. Yehoshua succeeded in escaping and reaching the “Glass House” on Vadász Street in Budapest. Later he was active on Wekerle Street. He prepared lists of people entitled to stay in Protected Houses. After the liberation of Budapest he engaged in rescuing children at Teleki Pál Street, and worked as an educator in the Polish orphanage on Szentkirály Street, as well as on Hungaria Boulevard.He took part in founding a hahshara on Ilosvai Street and Kibbutz Ehad Bemai. In 1945 Yehoshua made aliya by a legal certificate. He was a member of a group in Kibbutz Ruhama. In 1946 he was among the founders of Kibbutz “Hasela” in Kiriat Haim, and in 1947 of Kibbutz Yehiam. He resides in Givatayim.
Weiss Yehoshua has written an autobiography: Életem 1922 – 2006 Nagymegyertől Givatayimig. ( My Life 1922-2006 from Nagymegyer to Givatayim )( Hungarian ) Published by the author in Israel in 2007. The English translation of the book publicized on the website:
The Hebrew version of the autobiography: Hahayim Sheli. Hisardut Uthiya. (My Life. From Nagymegyer to Givatayim. Survival and Revival) will be published shortly.