Joseph Bar-Joel

Yosef Bar Yoel

Kandel László (Laci)

Born in Debrecen in 1924

Died in Herzliya on 14.03.2013

Member of “Hanoar Hatzi’oni”

In March 1944 Joseph was living in Debrecen and, as an apprentice in a printing house, he produced forged documents and distributed them to the members of youth movements as well as to refugees from Slovakia. In April 1944 Joseph was mobilized into a forced labor unit in Cegléd but in September he escaped with seventeen of his friends and arrived in Budapest where he joined the underground activities. Joseph went to the “Glass House” and from there he distributed forged documents all around the city. He was arrested and interrogated but managed to get released thanks to a Swiss “Schutzpass” (a Protection Document). He then returned to the “Glass House” to continue his activities until the liberation in January 1945. After the war Joseph was a member of the National Leadership of “Hanoar Hatzi’oni”. In 1946 he led a group of children to Eretz Israel (Palestine) via Belgium and Cyprus. Joseph made aliya in 1947, was drafted into the army and demobilized with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He resides in Herzliya.