Joseph Singer

זינגר יוסף

Singer Jozsef

Born in Volóc (Volovec) on 19.5.1923

 Died on 19.7.1997 in Israel

Member of “Dror Habonim”

Joseph learned carpentry. He moved to Budapest, where he met Joseph Gárdos, Neshka and Tzvi Goldfarb and other “Dror” members. After the Germans entered Hungary on 19.3.1944, Joseph tried to cross into Romania by way of the tiyul, was caught and incarcerated in various prisons. At the end of August 1944 members of his movement succeeded in setting him free. Joseph Singer returned to Budapest and served as a carpenter in setting up his movement’s bunkers on Hungary Boulevard and in HΠvösvölgy. After the Arrow Cross seized the power on 15.10.1944, Joseph was among those in charge of the supply of food and equipment to the bunkers. Both bunkers were discovered by the fascists. Joseph Singer was in the bunker on Hungary Boulevard and among those who had to surrender to the fascists. He was taken to various prisons, tortured, interrogated but, eventually, he was released in a daring operation by the Zionist youth movements. Together with a group of friends from the military prison on Margit Boulevard he was taken to the branch of the Swiss consulate on Wekerle Street.
Joseph made aliya. He resided in Moshav Beit Zayit.