Prof. Joseph Scheffer

Schäffer Róbert Joszéf

Schäffer Róbert

Born in Budapest on 5.5.1922

Died in 1984 in Israel

Member of “Maccabi Hatzair”

Joseph was a member of the movement’s leadership. In 1942 he dealt with the absorption of refugees, members of “Maccabi Hatzair” from Slovakia and equipped them with documents and money. Due to his activities Joseph was arrested and sent to the Garany detention camp. After about eleven months he was transferred to a forced labor camp. On 15.10.1944 Jopseph escaped, arrived in Budapest and joined the underground activities. After the fascist Arrow Cross Party rose to power on 15.10.1944, he worked with Ottó Komoly in Department A within the framework of the International Red Cross and dealt mainly with the organization of children’s houses. After the liberation Joseph made aliya and joined Kibbutz Kfar Hahoresh. He held a number of central positions in his kibbutz. Joseph completed his doctorate in sociology. He was one of the prominent figures of the “Institute for Kibbutz Research”. Joseph was a professor at Haifa University.