Ya’akov Böeri

בארי יעקב

Blau Károly

Born in Vágsellye (Šal’a) in 1926

Died on 1.08.2007 in Israel

Member of “Maccabi Hatzair”

In April 1942 Yaakov crossed the border into Hungary with his three sisters. They were caught and returned to Slovakia but on their second attempt they succeeded in crossing the border without being arrested. Ya’akov engaged in the forging of documents. In December 1944 Ya’akov was caught, interrogated for a week and tortured but did not reveal anything about his connection to the underground. He was transferred to the Toloncház prison where he was detained for three weeks. Ya’aakov managed to escape and on 18.1.1945 he was liberated by the Red Army.
He made aliya and is a member of Kibbutz Kfar Hahoresh.