Ya’akov Meron

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Markovics Jenő

Born in Kiskunmajsa in 1922

Died in Ein Dor on 25.11.2009

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”


Ya’akov came from a religious Jewish family. His parents had five children and were business people. Ya’akov joined the movement when he was attending the high school. After graduating, he arrived in Budapest and started learning to be an electrician. Ya’akov joined the “Sela” Organization that consisted of adult members of “Hashomer Hatzair”. The members of the organization lived in a “Heim”, rooms shared by a few members of the movement. In 1942 Ya’akov assisted refugees arriving in Hungary from Slovakia. He gave them documents, food coupons and found shelters for them. In 1943 he was enlisted in a forced labor unit within the framework of the Hungarian army. After the German occupation of Hungary on 19.3.1944, Ya’akov tried to escape with some comrades and with the help of members of the movement who gave him documents and money, but he failed. Only in October 1944 did he succeed in reaching Budapest and finding refuge in the “Glass House”. At the beginning of December Ya’akov moved to Pestszentlørinc, where he lived in a suburb with a family of workers and made contact with the cells of Communists from the Demény Group. Later he worked within the framework of the Megyeri Group, led by Jóska Mayer (Meir), which operated in the 10th district of the capital, Købánya. He was also active in the Kispest area. Carrying a gun, he transferred propaganda materials and weapons. After the liberation of Budapest in January 1945, Ya’akov was among the founders of the “Ehad BeMay” garin. In 1946 he took part in the B’riha organization. On 29.11.1947, the day the UN announced the establishment of a Jewish state, Ya’akov arrived in Eretz Israel (Palestine) thanks to a certificate. Ya’akov was a member of Kibbutz Ein Dor.