Yirmiyahu ‘Yirmi’ Lavi

לביא ירמיהו

Löbel György

Born in Miskolc on 10.7.1926

Member of “Bnei Akiva”

Yirmi was an underground activist and carried forged documents. He served as the liaison person between the center of the movement, which was located in the “Glass House” on 29, Vadász Street, and comrades all over the city. Yirmi distributed forged documents, food and money to the needy refugees. He saved Jews, who were to be deported to extermination camps, from the train wagons. Yirmi was caught three times but managed to escape and resume his activities. In January 1945, the day the Red Army attacked the city, he was staying in one of the suburbs. He  cooperated with communist anti-Nazi activists and attacked a German machine-gun position. He was wounded in the leg by a bullet and hospitalized in a Russian military hospital. In 1947 Yirmi made aliya. He was a major in the IDF. He is now an industrialist in Carmiel.