Yisrael Harari

Harari Israel

Hochhauser Zoltan

Born in Kassa (Košice) in 1921

Died in Ein Dor on 27.3.2012

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Yisrael lived in Budapest from 1941. He was sent by the movement to country towns on an information mission in order to warn the Jews of what to expect from the Germans and the Hungarian fascists. The family house in Kassa served as a refuge, a meeting place and a station for all the passing refugees, members of the movement, who moved from Slovakia to Hungary. In March 1944 Yisrael received mobilization orders for forced labor in a unit that was about to leave for the Ukrainian front. He disobeyed the order and succeeded in crossing the border into Romania. From there he continued his journey to Eretz Israel (Palestine). Yisrael was the first of all the Zionist youth movements’ members to slip across the border and, thereby, opened the season of the tiyulim to Romania.
He is a member of Kibbutz Ein Dor.