Meir Yehuda Kahani

כהני מאיר

Kahani Endre

Born in Gyöngyös on 28.5.1918

Died on 19.10.1969 in Israel

Member of “Bnei Akiva”

Meir studied in a yeshiva and a commerce and industry school. In 1936 he stayed at a hahshara and was active in the “Hehalutz Hamizrahi” movement. In 1938 Meir was elected head of the “Bnei Akiva” leadership. He took part in the B’riha and Aliya Bet. He was caught by the police while in possession of documents and forbidden Zionist literature. Meir was released but continually harassed by the police. From 1942 he worked in the Eretz-Israel office (Pal-Amt) in Budapest, escorted people making aliya with Aliya Bet. Meir organized the escape of Jews from Poland and Slovakia and was active in the Relief and Rescue Committee as well as in the organization of Hehalutz.
In 1944 Meir made aliya with his wife, Miriam, joined the Hagana and started to work in the Aliya Department of the Jewish Agency. He held various high level positions in the Jewish Agency and government offices.