Magdalena Weiner

Weiner Magda

Apor Weiner Magda

Born on 10.6.1910 in Miskolc

Died on 6.10.1998 in Budapest

Member of the “Gordon Group”

In the years 1942 and 1943 Magdalena and her husband, Zoltán Weiner, assisted refugees, members of “Hashomer Hatzair”, who arrived in Hungary from Slovakia.
In 1944 she was in contact with underground activists of the movement, Rafi Friedl-Benshalom, Ephra Teichman-Agmon, Moshe Pil-Alpan, Yehuda Weisz and Yitzhak Herbst-Mimish. Meetings with members of the Demény Group which belonged to the communist underground were held in her house. After 15.10.1944, when the Arrow Cross Party rose to power, Magda distributed Protection Documents. She escorted Jewish children to the children’s houses that served as shelters. Magda was caught with a bagful of forged documents and taken to the Arrow Cross headquarters on Szent István Boulevard. Luckily for her, the bag was not inspected and she was released.
After her husband’s death, Magda remarried and adopted the name Apor.