Miklós ‘Miki’ Langer

Langer Miklos

Langer Miklos

Born in Poprad in 1923

Murdered in 1944

Friend of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Miki worked as a draftsman-planner in Budapest. He forged documents. Miki came up with original inventions and was very resourceful. On 21.12.1944 he was staying with David Gur and “Feigi” (Feigenbaum Endre – Fábry Andrej) in the forgery laboratory in an apartment on the first floor of 13, Erzsébet Street in Budapest when it was discovered by chance by Hungarian detectives who were looking for Jews in hiding. The three men were taken to the fascist Arrow Cross district headquarters which were located nearby. The suitcases with the seals, the empty forms and the  finished forged documents were also taken away. The prisoners managed to swallow the notes and documents with their addresses. Miki and his friends were interrogated, brutally tortured and cruelly beaten. Miki Langer could not put up with the torture and beatings and, the day after he was caught, on December 22nd, he died. His two friends were taken to the central military prison on Margit Boulevard and were set free in a daring operation by the Zionist youth movements underground.