Menahem Harel

HAREL Menachem

Kőnigsberg Herrmann

Born in Bilke (Bilki) on 8.1.1930

Died on 27.6.1990 in Israel

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

Menahem came from a traditional Jewish family. At the end of 1943 he parted from his family and traveled to Budapest where his older brother and sister lived. They sent him to the town of Sárvár where he stayed under the protection of a local friend.
After the German invasion of Hungary on 19.3.1944, as the Jews were concentrated in the ghetto, Menahem fled from Sárvár and arrived in Budapest again. In the capital he witnessed the suffering of the Jews and the dangers they were facing. Menahem asked to be rescued and arrived at the “Glass House” on 29, Vadász Street. With the help of a “Mizrahi” activist who knew him, he succeeded in entering the House where he joined “Hashomer Hatzair”. From David Gur, who was in charge of the forgery laboratory, Menahem received documents bearing the name of Peter Pranitz, a Greek Orthodox Christian, who had fled from the Carpatho-Ruthenia region out of fear of the Russians. In the “Glass House” he was ordered to go out in the streets and distribute forged documents to the Jews. Menahem did this a few times at the risk of his own life.
He was a member of Kibbutz Negba.