Menahem Mendel Salomon

Shalamon Mihay

Salamon Mihaly

Born in Zilah (Zalåu) in 1897

Died in 1991 in Israel

Member of “Mizrahi”

Menahem was a prominent figure in “Mizrahi”, held senior positions in the central institutions of the movement and represented it in various forums. In 1941 he was elected as the chairman of the Eretz-Israel Office and in 1943 he held the position of chairman of the “Mizrahi” executive committee. During the Holocaust Menahem took part in rescue activities and was among the leaders of the “Glass House” on 29, Vadász Street. After the liberation Menahem was elected as president of the Hungarian Zionist Association and participated in the 22nd Zionist Congress in Basel.
In 1948 he made aliya and continued with his public work. Menahem was among his movement’s candidates for the Knesset. He wrote a book: “I Was a Christian in Europe” (Keresztény voltam Európában, Tel-Aviv, 1955).
Menahem was one of the editors of the Új Kelet daily paper in Tel-Aviv.