Mordehai Ben-David

Horowitz Tibor

Horovitz Tibor

Born in 1923

Died in 1995 in Israel

Member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”


In 1944 Mordehai was enlisted in a forced labor unit. In October 1944, after the Arrow Cross Party formed the government, he deserted, arrived in the “Glass House” on Vadász Street and joined the “Hanoar Hatzioni” movement. Within the framework of his activity in the underground, holding forged documents in the name of Gyüre Miklós, he carried food to the Protected Houses, to two bunkers and to the hungry ghetto of Budapest. He was arrested several times but with his documents as a worker for the International Red Cross he managed to escape and resume his activities.
Mordehai made aliya, served in the IDF and was demobilized with the rank of colonel. He wrote an autobiography “Parsot Susim” (Horse Hooves).