Mordehai Karmon

כרמון מרדכי

Weingarten Martin ‘Patyu’

Born in Gyertyánliget (Kobilecka Poljana) on

Died on 20.7.2003

Member of “Dror Habonim”

In 1942 Mordehai arrived in Budapest in order to learn a profession. He learned tanning. He joined the movement in 1944. After the Germans invaded Hungary on 19.3.1944, Mordehai went underground and shared an apartment with Betzalel Adler. He took part in many rescue operations wearing a “Levente” and, later, a fascist Arrow Cross uniform. (“Levente” was a compulsory pre-military service for all youth; after the German occupation of Hungary on 19.3.1944 Jews were not allowed to take part in it.) Mordehai stood out for his courage. At the beginning of December 1944 he was caught in an ambush set up by the Hungarian secret police at the entrance to the house on 52, Baross Street, where the underground activists of “Dror Habonim” operated. Mordecahi was taken to the central military prison on Margit Boulevard and brutally tortured. He escaped, was caught again but managed to survive. Mordehai made aliya and lived in Bat-Yam.