Miriam Goldberger

גולדברגר מרים

Scheer Ibolya

Born in Tiszafüred in 1922

Died on 25.1.2016

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

At the age of ten Miriam moved to the city of Debrecen and joined the “Hashomer Hatzair” movement. In 1939 her father’s license for a tobacco shop (which he was granted for being an invalid of the First World War) was cancelled and the family moved to Budapest. She was an underground activist for the movement. After the German occupation on 19.3.1944, her husband Yaacov was arrested at his workplace. With the help of the movement Miriam managed to rescue him from the military prison on Margit Boulevard. After hiding for a few days, equipped with forged documents provided by the movement, Miriam and her husband succeeded in crossing the border into Romania while taking with them six children aged 5-6, refugees from Poland, as well as two young boys aged seventeen from the Carpatho-Ruthenia region who did not speak Hungarian. All the way to Bucharest the couple took care of the children giving them medical care, clothes and food.
Miriam made aliya in 1944 and is a member of Kibbutz Ha’ogen. She was a central figure on the kibbutz and in the Kibbutz Artzi institutions.