Márta Ben-Shlomo

בן שלמה מרתה

Gut Márta

Born in Nagymihályi (Michalovce) on 4.6.1922

Member of “Hashomer Hatzair”

At the beginning of 1942 Marta hid with a Christian family. In May of the same year she crossed the border to Hungary illegally. She bought Aryan documents and worked in a hat factory. In May 1944, after the German invasion of Hungary, because someone informed on her, Marta was arrested and detained in the prison on Markó Street. She was freed by members of the “Hashomer Hatzair” movement working with the underground. She arrived in the “Glass House” where she got forged documents and rented an apartment with her brother Mark’s girlfriend on Paulai Ede Street. Mark was caught by Arrow Cross members and executed.
Márta was liberated in January 1945 and in March she made aliya. She joined Kibbutz Ha’ogen. Márta married Moshe Ben-Shlomo (Miki Fleischman). In 1951 they left the kibbutz and moved to Nahariya.