Bar-Tzvi Moshe Dr.

Dr MOshe Bar Zvi

Sehweiger Miklós

Born in Zenta (Senta) on 29.11.1905

Died on 13.8.1963 in Israel

Member of “Ihud Mapa’i”

Moshe was the son of the Orthodox Rabbi in his town. He studied law in Zagreb and was head of the Jewish Academics Union, “Judea”. After
graduating he opened a law firm. He was known as a brilliant orator in Hungarian, German and Serbo-Croatian.
After the Vojvodina area was occupied by the Hungarians in April 1941, Moshe fled to Budapest and made contact with Joel Brand and his circle. He was appointed by the representatives of the Jewish Yishuv who operated in Istanbul as head of the “Committee for Defense” of the Zionist youth movements in Budapest. However, the representatives of the youth movements chose Moshe Rosenberg over him.
After the German invasion of Hungary on 19.3.1944, Moshe was arrested by the German security forces who claimed he was Stalin’s brother-in law. When the truth emerged, the Germans were afraid to admit their mistake and Moshe was sent to the Mauthausen Camp where he was detained for over a year with important political prisoners. At the end of April 1945, the S.S. officer Becher, one of Eichmann’s main assistants, released him and gave him the suitcases and valuables that the passengers of the train that left Budapest at the end of June 1944 gave to the Relief and Rescue Committee as payment. Bar-Tzvi handed the suitcases over to representatives of the C.I.C. Later, when the agents of the Jewish Agency received these suitcases, they found only a third of the original content.
Moshe made aliya, volunteered to the IDF and served on the judge advocate staff. He passed the bar examinations for practicing law in Israel and worked for the judicial department of the “Histadrut” He was also a member of the “Mapa’i” court of justice.