Moshe Yehuda Lindenfeld

לינפלד משה

Lindenfeld Ervin

Born in Mád in 1923

Murdered in 1944

Member of “Bnei Akiva”

Moshe studied at various yeshivot and became a certified rabbi. He joined his movement in Ungvár. When his Zionist activities and membership of “Bnei Akiva” became known, he was expelled from the yeshiva. After the Germans invaded Hungary on 19.3.1944, he equipped himself with the forged Aryan documents of a Protestant Priest and thus avoided being enlisted in a forced labor unit. Moshe took part in his movement’s underground activities. He stayed at the “Glass House”. After the Arrow Cross rose to power on 15.10.1944, he left the “Glass House” and delivered forged documents all over the capital. In December, during a “work” meeting in a café, he was caught while in possession of forged documents and taken for interrogation at the Arrow Cross headquarters on 60, Andrássy Street. His comrades organized a search for him but lost his traces. He was probably shot dead on the banks of the Danube.